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【updating】(日本語もあるよ) So it’s been already one and a half month since I came back to Japan. (How fast time flies…) I stopped my travel for some reasons, and now I am trying to see what I can do in here. I feel my growth every day in several aspects, but not English. Since I came back here, I have less opportunities to use it, which makes me so afraid. So I have decided to post one photo ever day with some comments. (well, let’s say as possible as I can…) I would talk about something relating to a photo, or maybe there will be no connections between comments and photos. (Like this photo, I took it from my home because I found out sunset was really cool today.) But I am thinking to update my photo from my travel, so tomorrow it will be photos taken in Thailand as I have been declared to some friends.(or not. it all depends on my feeling, sorry) Then there will be my first chance to keep my English skill at least. Leave some comments if you find any mistakes from my English. It will be super helpful. 英語消えかけてるのでこれから毎日英語でポストします。 間違い見つけたら指摘ください。 明日からはインスタにまだ載せきれていなかった写真たち、まずはタイの寺シリーズからかな。 (今日の写真はベランダから。生活感。) #English #Japan #letsspeakenglish

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【when you get tired】 When you feel tired, stop what you are doing, and look around you carefully. You don’t have to try to keep up with everyone. You have your own pace of your life. There is a someone who loves drawing on the wall. If you are feeling tired of drawing on that wall, you can move on to the next. Don’t stick to have only one choice! . . . 【疲れたらとまる】 疲れたら止まって考えてみる。周りを見渡して自分が自分のペースを保てているか見てみよう〜〜。もしかしたら頑張りすぎてるかもよ?壁に絵を描くのが好きな人。おんなじ壁に疲れちゃったら次に移るのもまたひとつの手です。 . . . . #bangkok #wallart #amazingthailand #writersofinstagram #travelgram

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【the mystery of doughnut and donut with SALAMANCA MARKET】Do you know what I love the most in the world? Doughnut! 🍩I found this truck in SALAMANCA MARKET Hobart in Tasmania. ❤️You can see how cute the truck is. 💗🌟But this cute appearance is not the only reason why I want to introduce it. They make such an amazing doughnuts!!!!😱❣️ I remember that we talked about what the best doughnut ever was, Cheryl!😇 I was talking about this truck!. . . . p.s. I didn’t know the difference between doughnut and donut, but it was just a difference of a British or American way. 😇🌏The British doughnuts are manjyu-shaped (round), and the American donuts are ring-shaped. We have both types in Japan.🇯🇵 . . . . 【doughnut and donutのミステリー。サラマンカマーケットから考える】 ドーナッツが死ぬほど好きです。タスマニアの州都ホバートのサラマンカマーケットに行ったときに見つけたこのトラックがつくるドーナッツが最強だったんです。😢😱❤️ドーナッツってdoughnutとdonutの2種類あるって知ってましたか?私は超うろ覚えだったので辞書を引いたらdoughnut はイギリス英語で、主におまんじゅう型のやつ (中にジャムとかが入っている)donutはアメリカ英語でリング状のやつ。🤓こんな違いがあったなんて知らなかったけどめっちゃ納得ですよね~~~英語オモシロ #salamanca #hobart #tasmania #donuts #doughnuts #love #jaspercoffee #loveaustralia

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【the moment I appreciate how I trip】 When I started my trip for Thailand, I didn’t know/plan I would go to Laos during my trip. I didn’t make any plans for Laos, so I just searched some basic information about the country a day before I was in Laos, like where I should go, what I have to care about, or what I can see there. It might not be a good way for a travel, I can say, because the more knowledge you have about where you go, the deeper you understand the place. Most of the time, I failed this important process called “Preparing in advance”, but I always get something nice by the type of trip with having only rough plan. In Luang Prabang, Laos, I met different types of people I would never expected to meet in this small town. They are all so cool. I still have a contact some of them after 3 months I left there. After spending a time together with new people, you will understand that the moment, meeting people from all over the world at once, will never happen again, and you might not be able to see them again the whole life you are going to have ahead. Those time should become very precious for your life, and you can think back that nice and irreplaceable memory whenever you want. If you find out similar time of experiences, it must be a sign of succeeding your travel. P.s. I appreciate myself to have had a courage to start to have a conversation with someone whom I just met. And of course, to people sharing my memory, thanks to all of you, my travel ended up the awesome memory . . . . 【私が旅してて良かったと思う瞬間】 タイについたとき自分がまさか一か月後にラオスに居ることは全く予想してなかった。私はいつもこんな感じで、計画の「け」の字もなく動いてしまうの悪い癖だな~と思いつつも、最近はこのスタイルの旅を楽しんでいる。ラオスに行ったときは、いろんな国から来た人に会えて、ここに全世界が集結してるんじゃないか!って思うくらい(勘違い150%)だった。しかも素敵な人たちばかりで本当にいい思い出。事前に調べてこなかったからこそ、いろんな人と仲良くなれたりとか話すきっかけができたりとか、イレギュラーなことも楽しめちゃうことができて最終的にはすごい満足な旅になるんだよね~。こういう瞬間が一番、自分旅しててよかったな~って思う瞬間でもある。今でも連絡取りあう仲の人もできたりだとか。たまに、自分よく頑張ったなひとりで(笑)って思うときあるよね。人に恵まれ感謝感謝の日々です~~。もう会えないかも知れない人たちに会うことができる一瞬一瞬を、大切にして生きていきたい。 #travelphotography #travelgram #backpackerlife #laos #luangprabang #kuangsiwaterfall #writersofinstagram

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ハルノです。 なんだか窮屈になり、外に飛び出しました。 皆を癒すゆるキャラになりたいのですがこの爆発した気持ちを抑えきれません。 ライティングしてます。 ご依頼はお問合せフォームまたはSNSからメッセージください。